Wednesday 21 November 2012

Bees, birds and blueberries - that time of year!

Spring has (finally) sprung! Bring on the sunshine, dry out our boggy MTB trails, ripen my blueberries and make the birds and bees happy.

peony poppies

edible chrysanthemum (tung hou/茼蒿) flowers - which don't make bad tea! They're much "grassier" in flavour than dried chrysanthemum flowers/tea brought from stores or served at dim sum restaurants (guk pou/菊普 or guk faa caa/菊花茶).
"Comin in for landing!"

"Hmmm, what's in here then?"
"Om nom nom nom nom...."

"What's down here? Oh more polleny goodness!"

"I like sage with my pollen. Forget that French lavender stuff behind."

8 Nov: Green blueberries waiting for more sunshine before being devoured!

Chillin like villains

21 Nov: what a difference 2 weeks makes! Blueberries ready for pickin

Safe under the net. I pedalled my little heart out to Bunnings to buy bird netting the morning I saw these being gorged on by birds. Indian mynas, blackbirds and even huge yellow-eye currawongs have craned their heads through the gaps in this net to get at ripe blueberries. They get purple heart bravery points for trying (and not getting strangled)!

Basil, grain amaranth (tall plants) and comfrey (bottom left). The corrugated tank is from WT Grant in Brighton and is excellent as a ready-to-go vegie garden. They can supply the tank with soil/compost, delivered.

As the amaranth grows taller during summer, the basil gets more shade so it doesn't burn. It's a bit of a balancing act - we have to keep eating the amaranth leaves or else the basil won't get enough light. It's not easy keeping pace with productive amaranth which puts out new growth overnight.

kangaroo paws - choice of wattle birds who swing onto them like wannabe filmstars in the upcoming Australian kung-fu epic "Crouching Wattle Bird, Hidden Noisy Myna"

21 Nov: first pick of the season! Until Jan 2013, I have picked about 10x this amount. Two thumbs up for Nelly Kellie blueberries (an impressive Bunnings purchase!)

In case you need another angle

How bout a close up?

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